Intrusion Attempt Detection and New Information Leaks.

We are experts in detecting intrusion attempts and security breaches globally.

We know all kinds of attacks that our enemies use very well

We rely on security bug studies and get involved internally until a proof of concept is completed.

Our offices and Team

We have members in our team from many countries with different cyber security specialties that allow us to carry out new security investigations.


Our members have years of experience in personalized investigations and investigations of new 0day attacks.

Formal Delivery

We are committed to the client to have a good image of confidentiality in the security reports and we are committed to doing a great job.

Ready, go!

Get our reports and support in record time we work from 08 AM - 11:30 AM and from 01 PM - 05 PM

Quality Service

A Google Docs scam that appears to be widespread began landing in Wednesday in what seemed to be a phishing attack.

Do not judge us for our successes but for our failures which are very few

KelvinSecurity, our cyber security company is positioning itself in the best content ranking on cyber security and among the best discoveries where system failures have been the most viral.




Expert Research


Bugs Report



Services and Packages:

Continuous Threat Assessment

Recognizing suspicious activity depends heavily on historical information. KelvinSecurity compares your network events to known malicious patterns from multiple feeds and applies ML and AI to predict zero day attacks..

More Information $200.00

Instant IOT Protection

Connected devices are omnipresent in today’s world and designed for convenience, not security. They inherently bring along the threat of cyber attacks. So what can be done if you require them in everyday life but don’t want to sacrifice security?

More Information $400.00

Financial Services

KelvinSecurity is not just a security service for your engineers – it is meant to be just as useful to other departments in your company. Its reporting library includes comprehensive reports for executives as well as several compliance report templates such as PCI DSS.

More Information $150.00

Web Security Audit

Traditional DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) solutions can only detect vulnerabilities by sending a request to the target and analyzing the response. This limits their detection capabilities to a limited number of web application vulnerabilities.

More Information $300.00

Products and services:

In our equipment if required we integrate security products you can quote these products if you go to the acquisition of the audit service.

Public Comments:

“The first time I met this company was in a recognized newspaper in San Francisco, USA in the famous SFGate where they reveal a failure that could violate thousands of systems thanks to these researchers, computer attacks were prevented.”

“I have acquired the services to improve the security of my companies, our banks now know very well where the security flaws are, thanks to the very professional security reports.”

“I have always believed that failures are everywhere but I never imagined that I also needed to train my staff to be sure now Kelvinsecurity has improved the way my employees work.”

James Gallagher - President and Chief Executive

Palladium Hotel Group

From Our Blog


1.What is the use of this service? I have not been hacked?

You are always vulnerable the search engines index the content of your page a security breach could be used to steal information and even use your page to contribute to the information crime.

2.Is your job simple and fast?

The methods we use are automated and manual if we rely on fast methods would be an automated diagnosis but this would lead to false positives if they are not calmly evaluated by our experts.

3.What is a proof of concept?

A proof of concept is the demonstration of a vulnerability this is demonstrated step by step how the vulnerability could explode and what results that failure would manage.

1.What is your record time to complete the work?

We could take a day if we make the safety reports since the whole process must be documented confidentially and sent to the client to orient itself on the failures that your company has.

2.What products could be used in my company?

A Google Docs scam that appears to be widespread began landing in users’ inboxes on Wednesday in what seemed to be a sophisticated phishing.

3.Where Totem Poles Are a Living Art ?

Firewalls are very common to be used in companies we seek to block all types of intrusion attempts. We monitor the IPs trying to access this means that there is possibly an intrusion attempt using automated methods.

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